International organisations

  • MPE
      MPEHungarian Association for Psychodrama

      Founded in 1990, the Hungarian Association for Psychodrama (MPE) is the sole psychodrama training organization in Hungary. Rooted in group centered psychodrama associated with Ferenc Mérei, a renowned Hungarian psychiatrist, and founded by his apprentices, our non profit organisation is professionally recognized by international umbrella organizations. It is a member of FEPTO (Federation of European Psychodrama Training Organizations) and IAGP (International Association for Group Psychotherapy and Group Processes), and is accredited by EAPTI (European Association for Psychotherapy Training Institutions).The sociodrama working group was formed in 2012. In 2016 MPE was the initiator and latter on became the coordinator of the PERFORMERS project.

    • BIP
        BIPBirmingham Institute for Psychodrama

        We are proud to be part of the Birmingham Institute for Psychodrama (BIP). We offer a ten-month certificate course for professionals who want to incorporate action methods and psychodramatic and sociodramatic techniques into their work. Mental health practitioners, those working in the criminal justice system, youth workers, social workers, counsellors, those working in substance misuse programmes are among the many who have benefited from the application of Morenian methods in their practice.    We offer training to schools and universities as well as therapy and helping organisations.

        Practitioners and students in these and related fields are welcome to attend BIP courses and events, where they can expand their clinical and facilitation skills, gain knowledge of psychodramatic techniques and promote their professional and personal growth.

        Members of the general public interested in personal growth in a safe therapeutic environment are welcome to enquire about psychotherapy, personal development work, and attendance at specific workshops.

      • BPJ
          BPJMinistry of Human Resources Correctional Facility in Budapest

          The predecessor of our institution was established in 1892. In 1984, after it was taken over by the state, the Educational Institute for Girls in Budapest was formed. Starting from January 1, 2013, our founding and supervisional organization is the Ministry of Human Resources. Our secondary supervisional and sponsoring organization is the Social and Child Protective Directory.

          According to the founding manifesto of the Ministry of Human Resources Correctional Facility in Budapest, its main goal is the correctional service of male minors that have been arraigned by a court and their provision with education. Minors can stay in our institution until a verdict is reached in their trial. This can take months or in some cases, even years.

          When a verdict is reached, they can be acquitted, go on probation, get house arrest or go to a correctional facility or a juvenile detention center.

          The Ministry of Human Resources Correctional Facility in Budapest is suited to accommodate 100 minors who are admitted from age 12-21.

          Our mission is to protect male youth offenders awaiting trial and ease their integration, evaluate and treat their psychological conditions, providing them with education and manual labor skills, introduce them to the basic moral norms of society and prepare them for a healthy lifestyle.

          In our institution we aim to provide a correctional and compensatory education to male minors awaiting trial that simultaneously strives to supersede the deficiencies resulting from their previous life history and correct the maladjustment and faulty attitudes that led to the commitment of crimes.

        • FEPTO
            FEPTOThe Federation of European Psychodrama Training Organisations

            The Federation of European Psychodrama Training Organisations (founded in 1996) is an internationaly recognised non profit organisation that gathers psychodrama training institutes and accrediting organisations from 27 countries in Europe and the Mediteranean area, having an educational and scientific aim. It is a platform for trainers to connect, have exchanges and develop the psychodrama training and research.

            For years, FEPTO has been supporting the idea to develop and promote sociodrama as one of the most effective group-focused working methods. Starting 2018, FEPTO became a partner in Erasmus+ project Performers2. Our main contribution in this project is to develop the Minimal Training Standard (MTS) in sociodrama. We also aim to provide a significant input in an international book of sociodrama integrating different ways of using the method in various fields.

            At the international meetings and conferences, the FEPTO Erasmus+ staff is (re)presenting sociodrama and the project itself.

            Coordinated by Judith Teszáry, the FEPTO staff includes: Melinda Ashley Meyer DeMott, Jana Damianov, Chantal Nève-Hanquet, Irina Ștefănescu, Nikos Takis.

          • HGY

              HGY is a Swedish Upper Secondary School in Stockholm, preparing 16-20 year olds for university courses, as well as running a Special Preparatory Education programme (IMSPR) where students who have been in Sweden for less than three years can qualify for the ordinary Upper Secondary School. 

              HGY has had an appreciated tradition in working with Sociodrama and Psychodrama for almost 20 years. 

              Moreover, HGY is an “Amnesty International” school, meaning staff and students collaborate systematically with the charity to promote Human Rights together.

            • Nos
                NosNOS Association

                In 1982, provision for children and young people with profound disabilities from the two municipalities, Barreiro and Moita, was so clearly lacking that a group of parents and professionals founded Associação NOS, which later became a Private Institution of Social Solidarity (“IPSS”).

                NOS means ‘us’, and is built around the concept of community. The NOS Association started its activity in two areas: intervention (Early Intervention Team) and education (Socio-Educational Center). We recognised that for people with disabilities to be fully socially included, we needed to address not just technical but also social and cultural issues. This insight has catalysed new, wider-reaching interventions and interactions with a range of people and community organizations.

              • SPF
                  SPFSwedish Association of Psychodramatists

                  Svenska Psykodramatikers Förening, (Swedish Association for Psychodramatists, Schwedische Arbeitskreis fur Psykodramatiker, Association Suédoise des Psychodramatistes) was established in 1993 by professional psycho- and sociodramatists.

                  The association had 50 members, somewhat less today.

                  The aim of the association is:

                  – to represent and protect the professional interest of psycho- and sociodramatists;

                  – to offer a forum for continuous professional development and exchange of knowledge and experience of psychodramatists nationally and internationally;

                  – to safeguard good professional ethics;

                  – to spread information about the methods: psychodrama, sociodrama, sociometry and group processes.

                  The Association organises peer supervision groups, workshops, discussions, members’ meetings and annual meetings, public lectures and seminars. It also represents the methods on forums together with other group psychotherapy professionals.

                • SPP
                    SPPSociedade Portuguesa de Psicodrama

                    SPP Sociedade Portuguesa de Psicodrama Training for Psychodrama Directors in Porto, Coimbra and Lisbon started in 1987 right after the 1986 launch of the Portuguese Psychodrama Society (SPP – Sociedade Portuguesa de Psicodrama). The work began as Brazilian Psychodramatist Alfredo Soeiro and Argentinian psychodrama trainer Rojas Bermudez teamed up to bring psychodrama and sociodrama training to Portugal.

                    S.P.P. not only focusses on scientific research, training and dissemination of Morenian Psychodrama and Sociodrama in Portugal, but also promotes and coordinates Psychodrama and Sociodrama training courses for clinical and social professionals; organizes psychodrama and sociodrama national congresses, workshops and seminars for the public.